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Whoa! What a week. Lot’s going on and lot’s to discuss. It was a pretty interesting week in the worlds of social media, NetWorks! Boise / Sales Results LLC,  and technology so maybe we can begin the discussion with …. tech talk.

Virus Alert: Not any particular virus. mind you. Just the one that got in my computer (smile). I was pretty upset as I do pay for a multi-computer license for what I was lead to believe was a pretty robust anti-virus package, Nod32. Not robust enough, apparently (smile). Something grabbed, of all things, my iGoogle gadget for Gmail for hosted domains. I ran multiple scans, tried to block it with filters, deleted the gadget and thought that had taken care of it (it had not) and then finally did a shout out to one of our NetWorks! Boise members, Joe Mikitish at SEN Technologies. Joe is a rock star and an uber geek. He now has me running AVG (paid version) and Malwarebytes (also) paid. Go to Joe’s company site for a link to each under the “support” box.

There is another plus side to all of this. I decided not to reactivate (at least at this time) my iGoogle Gmail gadget and instead just set up a direct link on my FireFox tool bar. One of the things that I don’t like about FireFox is that the tabs it uses are so freakin’ wide that they eat up available space real quickly. There is a FireFox add-on available called Tab Control which allows you to specify minimum and maximum tab widths. I have both set to 150 which makes tabs approximately 1/2 the width of the standard tab.

Zemanta introduced their new version and the interface is beautiful and it works wonderfully with both this blog and with Gmail. Performance appears to have been substantially increased!

Paint Shop Pro X2 from Corel was on sale at Staples last week and I got it for $49.99 after mail in rebate. I’m hoping that if I play with it enough, it will allow me to display sharper screen captures on this site. Actually, I know it will as I have already had some success in improving the look at that was without even reading the book. Yes, it even has a book (smile).

On to Social Media ….

TweetDeck‘s web site is now configured to address the new Twitter List features in great detail.

LinkedIn has a new, very clean, interface that I think I am going to like a lot. I wish FaceBook would follow this lead.

SocialScope Lite’s Twitter and FaceBook client for the BlackBerry just introduced a new version (the first that I have seen since I started using it) and it now includes lists and geo tagging. Good thing that I can pull in my Twitter lists because the group tabs I had set for it did not get carried across in the update procedure. Fortunately, I had those duplicated on my lists within Twitter itself.

One thing I have always coveted for this site was to be able to provide readers with the ability to Tweet or otherwise share articles that they read and like. This site is on a platform and that is not one of the available widgets. Addtoany solved that as is demonstrated by the “Share” badge found at the end of this post.

NetWorks! Boise had its Group #3 pre-launch meeting this past Tuesday and we will be formally starting the group on January 5 with 15-20 members which will bring our total membership in the three groups to well over 50. Time to start planning for Group #4 but I am leaning toward it being a little different. I have another version of NetWorks! Boise that has been previously developed but has never been introduced. Maybe the time is …. now. At any rate, here we are in the middle of the worst economy since the Great Depression and we are doing networking groups that require double the investment of competitive groups, and we are experiencing rapid growth. In fact, seven of our member companies think that the groups are valuable enough that they have chosen to be represented in more than one group. These companies, all of our members, understand the difference between an expense and an investment and recognize the value we provide. If you do not grasp this concept, you don’t belong with us anyway (smile).

Sales Results LLC is the legal entity behind NetWorks! Boise. Very shortly it will become much more as we have several exciting projects and products in the works. I would love to tell you about them now but, that would be premature AND, I would have to kill you (smile). Stay tuned. Subscribe to this blog or get updates via email. Links to do either or both are found on the top right sections of our sidebar.

“Fish Friday”. That’s a wrap! Thank you for visiting!



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O.K., I lied. I think there are about 16 here (smile). About a month ago I did a post entitled “10 Tools That Make My Life Worth Living”.  A lot more cool toys have surfaced since that time so here is my updated list (in alphabetic order):

GizaPage: Think of GizaPage has your own personal webpage that directs others to all of your social media sites including Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, or any other place that you might have a profile or some sort of presence. So, instead of providing all these addresses you just say That’s it. Simple and easy. Someone I spoke to told me that I could also do that on FriendFeed, and you can, but for this purpose, I like the GizaPage format better. I also discovered another interesting function of GizaPage while I was just trying some things out. When you log onto my Twitter tab, it takes you to an app called TweeTree. I have never heard of it but it looks a lot like a standard Twitter page. But, get this, it is also calling up the actual link content that you include in your tweets. For example, a couple of my recent tweets were for new blog postings. These are generated automatically by TwitterFeed along with a link to the post. TweetTree not only shows the tweet, it also shows the post itself including the Jing videos. Sweeet!!!

HootSuite: HootSuite is a lot like TweetLater in that you can schedule tweets to go out on a delayed schedule. It’s is also like TweetDeck in that you can use it to monitor your Twitter activity. And, it has some other cool tools. I am hoplessly in love with it’s FireFox toolbar button called the “Hootlet”. When reading a page you’d like to share, click on the Hootlet button and a tweet is created, the url is shortened, and you can send the tweet now or schedule it for later. And do all of this while never leaving the page you are reading. They should really call this thing HootSweeeet (smile). (more…)

Or, should I say… “tolerable” (smile)? I’m a man of simple pleasures and having tools that make my life simpler………..well………. need I say more? Here are my Top 10 Most Used, Most Favorite, tools in my box (in alphabetical order):

Clipboard Magic: Let’s face it, copying and pasting and then copying again and pasting again sucks. Office programs like Word allow you to save multiple clips on the board but if you are just in Windows, no such luck. With Clipboard Magic you just pop it up (I have it on quick launch) and it runs in the background. Every time you copy something it goes to the clipboard. You can have multiple boards and you can add or delete clips to and from boards. Ready to paste? Click “copy all to clipboard” and then paste once. Everything. And…it’s free (smile).

Duct Tape: Not exactly electronic but, what else do you know of can be used for wrapping, holding pieces together, patching anything, securing, taping, you name it? WD-40 came in close but can’t hold a candle to duct tape (smile).

Google Reader: There is simply no other way to keep up with advancements and introductions in Social or Business-Social Media without some sort of a reader. Having this allows me to be automatically notified of all new blog or otherwise postings from some of my favorite sources. I have reader on my iGoogle Home page and it shows me headlines of each article and the source, I can then read a short version of the article right there, and then go to the original web article if desired. No need to try to remember to check back to see if there is anything new. A reader is indispensable and easy to maintain. Follow folks for awhile and, if they suck, delete them (smile).

iGoogle Home Page: I love my iGoogle Home Page. For me, displayed in one easy to see and manage area I have: Gmail, multiple news feeds, weather, stocks, a yellow note pad, a calendar, and my Google Reader. Of course, I can search or access Google Docs or Google Sites. There are so many add-ons and widgets you can get, it’s tough to count them. Convenient and comprehensive. (more…)

Been a tough day today. Upgraded my anti-virus software and they are not getting a “shout out” from me (smile). Apparently I have the only computer in the entire universe where this package will block access to the Internet even if their firewall is not on. Five techs later, and doing remote diagnostics, they’re still scratching their ………… heads (smile).

Since this is my bully pulpit, I’m also going to have a quick rant. I am constantly amazed by people who do not have the courtesy to respond to phone messages and emails even if it is to say “No”. “No”, by the way, is fine. And, I have a memory like an elephant. I noticed a couple of tweets lately where some folks were generally asking for help with connections and other pertinent areas. And, I have the solution they seek. They are also among those who have ignored me so………….. they are dead to me (smile).  What goes around comes around.  Whatever happened to manners? Maybe it’s just me.


So, I flat out suck at sending out tweets. When I think of one I am always in the middle of something and, therefore, no tweet. Still, I have recognized that tweets drive visits to this site and assist me with my “branding efforts”. Enter TweetLater. I’ve heard people talk about it and it is sweet! I can spend an hour on the weekend and program in a passel of tweets for the week. Then, I can just tweet as I can to add to the mix. You can schedule your tweets to go out on specific days and times and this schedule is always right at your fingertips. And, if you add a tweet, it always displays them chronologically. Easy to set up, easy to use, and free. One thing I was not sure of was that it defaults to an “RSS Feed”. Just add in your twitter account and it works great. I’m still not sure what the “RSS” does and, guess what, I don’t care (smile). (more…)