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Lucky Peak 043-1Actually, I should entitle this post “Featured Speaker and Member” as Brandon’s company is a member of NetWorks! Boise. His regular representative to our group, Kim Bartlett, was unable to attend so this presented an opportunity for Brandon to attend as Kim’s alternate and serve as our guest speaker. A perfect combination! Much better than my photos and, don’t worry, I have no plans to quit my day job (smile).

Brandon had a great story, make that set of stories, to share with the group. Who in their right mind would decide to open a carpet cleaning company in January? That would be Brandon (smile). If he is one thing, and one thing for certain, Brandon is transparent. He has taken a simple carpet cleaning company and built it into a successful group of companies offering related residential and commercial services. However, his efforts have not stopped with that.

If you are scratching your head about where you have heard his name, and you are from the Boise area, Brandon’s company hosts the wildly successful UltraClean Smoke Out in Meridian on the third Wednesday of each month (next week), was one of the key folks behind the recent “Meridian Business Day”, and is co-host of the Matt and Brandon Show heard on the radio each Saturday morning at 11:00 AM on AM630 in Boise. Brandon shared with us the importance of  helping others while all the time improving both yourself both as a person and as a business person. Watch for cool new offerings from both his company and his networking ventures. Here’s an action shot of Brandon at our meeting today. Brandon, thanks so much for sharing with us!

IMG00008-20090812-1300 (2)

Speaking of meetings, here are the stats: 89% attendance, 1 new guest, 50 new leads/referrals/updates. Not much more to say about that! I’ve got a lot of posting to our CRM to do so will have to cut this off now.

Have a great week and thank you for visiting us!


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Photo 43Our guest speaker today was George Condit from G.H. Condit, Inc.. A little background information about George who, incidentally, is a very interesting man…..

George was born and raised in upstate New York, made his way west after college in the Army, where he trained as a Russian Linguist. He moved to Boise in 1995 with his wife Sarah and has lived here ever since. They have two children. Clayton who is 13 and Maya who is 9.  He has owned his own masonry contracting business since 1997. When the market in housing came to a screeching halt in 2007 George decided to go back to school to get his MBA. He graduated last December , and has now embarked on a new career as a strategic planning consultant and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Idaho Winery Tours, a sales associate for Seybold Scientific, and works developing many other top secret plots to take over the world (smile).

The topic of George’s talk today was  “Action Determined by Vision”. This is good.  Action without vision is not so good (smile). George also had the group fill out a short questionnaire that was the “Animal Kingdom” version of DISC. Lions, Otters, Golden Retrievers, and Beavers. I did a post a few weeks back entitled “Communication Style Flexing” that would be a good companion piece to read. Our members very much enjoyed George’s presentation and I know that they learned a lot about themselves. George also showed us this very cool thumb drive that is integrated into a rubber wrist band and incorporates a flash card that can be put into, say, a smart phone negating the need for a PC. Cool. Would make a great advertising hand out (your company name silk screened on the band) and I believe he said about $20 for the 4GB version. Sweet. (more…)

mike_kerby_smAnother great NetWorks! meeting today and another fine speaker, Mike Kerby with C308 Marketing. Here’s a little bio info:

Mike is the founder and President of C308 Marketing, an on-line marketing communications firm headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Mike’s role is to oversee all C308 client’s on-line marketing strategies; including website architecture, content planning, distribution and syndication strategies, social computing, and analytics and tracking strategies. Prior to founding C308 Marketing in 2003, Mike worked as a strategic marketing consultant for technology companies. During the boom of the late 90’s he gained valuable experience launching new products, as well as developing business plans and sales channel marking plans for his clients. From working with Iomega during their rise at retail in the 90’s to the launch of the new HP segment portal, Mike’s experience with a wide range of blue-chip clients makes him an incredible asset to C308’s local, regional, and national client roster. Mike is also a member of Sales and Marketing Executives Boise with ……..yours truly (smile). Please click on Mike’s photo to go to his LinkedIn profile or on his company logo to visit their website. (more…)


We had a fabulous speaker today, Jim Stephens. His message was spot on for both today’s tough economy or for every day’s economy. He is a dynamic presenter who speaks the language of “sales”. I would highly encourage you to contact Jim and speak to him about the programs his firm offers. Click on the Sandler logo to go to his website. His bio follows:

Jim Stephens is the Sandler Training ® Authorized Trainer in Boise. Jim is a conference presenter and national speaker on sales at numerous sales & industry functions, including the International Building Show. He combines a twenty five year background in entrepreneurial creation of small businesses, sales & company management with over ten years of Sandler training and speaking.

CrossRoads, Inc. features the licensed & acclaimed Sandler Selling System and provides personnel and financial assessments. We provide ongoing training, support and reinforcement in the areas of sales, hiring, management and human relations skills for organizations and sales professionals.

A dynamic speaker, Jim, makes training challenging and enjoyable. If you’re up for a challenge on “how sales have always been done” come listen and learn. Take a step out of your comfort zone and explore making changes in your sales system to become more efficient and more profitable.

Please contact Jim at:

Sandler Training, CrossRoads Inc. /3040 Elder Street, Boise, Idaho 83705 /Toll Free: 877-879-3367, 208-429-9275, Fax: 208-389-9027

E mail: