NetWorks! Boise Meeting – July 1, 2009 – Something Smells

Posted: July 2, 2009 in NetWorks! Boise
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Everything I have read so far about Social Media says that you have to share the good with the bad. Be transparent. Keeps things real (smile). Well, I was so flippin’ mad yesterday that I started to get a little …….. “aggressive” with some folks and for that I apologize (smile). It’s always tough on a holiday week and we did have three members out with valid excuses. More than usual but to be expected as we head into summer and at July 4th weekend. However, we also had three no-shows and that just never never happens. When somebody just does not show that means that we are still buying a meal and that meal is given a way as a door prize. I couldn’t even give away the meal I ended up bringing home (smile).

On the brighter side, even with our devastated numbers, I will be posting close to 30 new leads, referrals, or updates which is consistent with our averages. Go figure (smile). We will be welcoming a new member next week, Jake Stephens from Fishers Document Systems. XLNT! And, DataTel will be sending a new representative, Matt Lopez. I’m looking forward to having both these gentlemen in the group. I found Jake via Twitter and Matt also “gets” Social Media. This means that there will be at least four to five members who will not be throwing bread at me when I bring up this topic in a meeting (smile). Better numbers next week.

Upcoming Events – July 15 – UltraClean Smoke Out, July 29 – NetWorks! Boise Scramble at Shadow Valley Golf Course.

Random Thoughts:

Firefox 3.5: Upgraded to this but am having some minor issues. I would wait awhile. Some add-ons do not work such as the LinkedIn toolbar. However, there is another add-on that will add a LinkedIn search engine to the toolbar and I think I like that better

Aviary: Have not really had a chance to explore this in depth. I believe it to be primarily an image editing tool. However, makes grabbing screen shots a snap! (smile)

I’m outta’ here. Have to finish posting yesterday’s leads (smile). Thanks for visiting!


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  1. Alan says:

    Thanks for the extra lunch. I was a hero. My graphics designer had not been able to eat while I was gone and she loved the SW wrap! That one didn’t go to waste.

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