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Posted: June 30, 2009 in Blogging
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posterousI’ve been seeing the name “Posterous” pop up on articles and Tweets for a few weeks now. I had no idea of what it was or what it did. And, as usual, I’m already distracted enough (smile). Then I saw a Tweet from Tac Anderson at NewComm Biz that also mentioned this, talked about “audio blogging” or something to that effect, and had a link. I followed that link to a post on his blog and it was not much more than a link to something called ….”Posterous”. Hmmm. Clicking on the link I was taken to a site that allowed me to play his audio post. Pretty cool. Pretty cutting edge. I had to take a look further and get me some (smile).

Now Posterous, I believe, is another blogging platform. What’s cool is that you send your blogs in via email or you can also pull videos and photos off website and automatically post them using their “Share on Posterous” Firefox add-on. I have seen it compared to Tumblr which, like so many things, I am aware of but know nothing about. At any rate, I am seeing Tac’s post and, combined with my newest toy, WordPress text widget, I’m thinking that it would be pretty cool to integrate an audio welcome into our site sidebar. Man oh man. I had no idea of what I was getting myself into (smile).

I correctly surmised that I would need a microphone and some way to record sound. Duh (smile). I did find a microphone in a box that came with a Dell that I purchased about 8 years ago. I had never even plugged it in. Now for a recorder. Looking through programs on Vista I found one called “Sound Recorder“. Perfect! Or so I thought. Things continued to go down hill from there while picking up speed as I descended to the bottom (smile). I should step back and say that WordPress.com will allow you to post audio files but only if you buy a space upgrade. I was soon to figure out why.

Time to put this into action. Before even going on Posterous, I wrote a script for what I wanted to say and plugged in my mic. Fired up “sound recorder” and took her for a run. The first thing I discovered was that my audio clip was saved as a .wma file. But, why should I care how it get’s saved? It’s saved. However, checking at the Posterous site, it will not support .wma but will support .wav. It should be easy enough to save a file in that format, right? Wrong. My Vista Business, at least, will only record in .wma. Googling my problem did find a solution at Wikipedia. By going to my command prompt, I could launch the sound recorder with an instruction line that would force sound recorder to create and save the file as a .wav. Here is the Wikipedia Article with the instructions. Created my recording and it worked perfectly. Off to Posterous to set up my account.

Setting up the account was pretty easy. So easy that all you have to do is email them something and your account is automatically created for you based on some assumptions and defaults and that email you just sent becomes your first post. You can then go in an set up specific things like actual account name as you would like it displayed along with a password. EZ BRZ. Posterous also creates a specific email address for you to mail your posts to and that address does include your account name. So, time to email my .wav file to Posterous. Or, so I thought (smile).

  1. Went to Gmail and was politely told that 25 mb was the maximum file size. 25 mb? How the hell big is this file? You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me. This 3 minute file is 33.4 mb? (smile).
  2. Went to my Outlook account. It crashed and died in the attempt (smile)
  3. Edited my script and re-recorded a 1.5 minute message (17 mb) and tried to resend thru Gmail. Attachment failed (smile).
  4. Switched my Gmail settings from “advanced attachment” to “standard” which does not require a “flash player”. After, mind you, verifying that I had the latest version of this player. Still failed.
  5. This is really starting to suck (smile).

Time for “Plan B”. I did some research and determined that what I needed to do was create a MP3 file which is compressed and, therefore, will be a much smaller size. Please keep in mind that the only thing I know about audio files is that they make noise (smile). A Google search for free programs did yield results. That’s the good news.

  1. Free Audio Recorder program #1: Could not even figure out how to make it record let alone save a file. Recycle bin (smile).
  2. Free Audio Recorder program #2: Test results showed that it worked. However, after I got 30 seconds into my actual recording that I wanted to do, a window popped up and told me I would have to buy the “paid” version (smile). Recycle bin.
  3. Free Audio Recorder program #3: Success! Audio Recorder For Free 2009. Managed to record and save the 3 minute version of my script and it was only 3 mb vs 33 mb.

Emailed that sucker to Posterous. Worked perfectly. Created a new WordPress text widget and, voila! Now will somebody please press the stinkin’ blue bull horn in the upper right hand corner of this page? Please? (smile).

Thanks for visiting!


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