LinkedIn “View My Profile” Badge In Outlook

Posted: March 9, 2009 in Branding, LinkedIn, Tech Tips & Random Quips
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btn_viewmy_160x331Want to add one of these cool looking buttons to your email signature in Outlook? Instead of the usual “Please visit my LinkedIn profile at http://www.xyb.sllls”? Well, you can. Go ahead. Click on the badge. I dare you (smile). Now, If you can make this work by doing it the way LinkedIn says to do it, please let me know how you managed that phenomenal feat (smile). A friend helped me to do it with my signature several months ago. It was a lot of cutting and pasting and “saving as”. Today, one of my clients asked me how to do it. I tried and tried and got pretty far but could not quite make it to that last step. So, I googled for solutions and found this site which I now share with you (smile). “How to put your LinkedIn Badge on Outlook”.

I have tested these instructions and they do work. FYI…adding a badge may work with other email programs but it will not work with gmail. And, working with another program may require a different set of gyrations (smile). Have fun!


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